20 Pieces Cinidy Makeup Toiletry Brush Set Tool Kit


• Eyeliner Brush
• Foundation Brush
• Smudge Brush
• Lip Brush
• Nose Shadow Brush
• Powder Brush
• Sponge Brush
• Mascara Brush
• Eyebrow Mascara Brush
• Eyeshadow Brush
• Two Side Brush
• Packed safely in bubble bag

Need a new brush set tool ?

20 Pieces Cinidy Makeup Toiletry Brush Set Tool is a professional brush that made of ultra-fine synthetic hair, so it will stay in good condition for a long time.
The fiber materials make the brushes is really soft to touch and feel. It definetly won’t leave mark or worst hurt your client face.

If you’re a makeup artist or an individuals who loves makeup and have a sensitive skin, this tool is a top choice. When it blend with powder and eye-shadow, it will smoothly spread your makeup the way you like. The product was assembled by hand and packed individually.

A few tips if you want to clean these brush set:

• Wash the brushes under running warm water.
• Put a small amount of shampoo on bristles and work into a light lather.
• Continue rinsing until no more color left on brush. • Let it air dry.

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