Stanley J509 1000 Peak Amp Jump Starter

The 500 amp jump starter can restart your vehicle instantly, without the need for another vehicle. The jump starter can re-start a wide range of vehicles including most V8 engines.

The Stanley 1000 Peak Amp Jump Starter offers a convenient, portable way to jump-start your battery without the need of another vehicle. All you have to do is to simply attach the clamps. When the clamps are connected improperly an alarm will buzz, to alert you to switch the clamps before turning on the unit. The jump starter includes 12-volt and USB outlets plus a built in 120 volt AC charger. The jump starter provides 500 instant cranking amps and 1000 peak cranking amps. The unit is safe enough as it has heavy duty metal clamps and Number 6 AWG cables. It also has a 270 degrees rotating high powered LED light and a charge indicator. They Stanley 1000 Peak Amp Jump Starter is just the right device for roadside emergencies or daily use. Whether it’s extreme heat or cold or you simply left the lights on, batteries die for all sorts of reasons. Don’t worry they can be jump started with the help of Stanley J509. This Stanley series jump starter allow you to jump your battery back to life without the need of another vehicle. Its simple to use as you just need to connect the clamps to the battery, turn on the switch and start your vehicle. You cant hook the wrong because if you do a alarm will sound to remind you to switch the clamps to the right polarity. This makes the device even more safer.

The Stanley series jump starters has you covered with a USB power port and 12 volt DC outlet. So if the lights go out due to a weather emergency or you just to need to charge your cell phone, tablet or laptop, you’re good to go. Portable power on the go!

Charging Stanley jump starter after use is very easy. You just need a household extension cord and you’re set. Pull back the cover on the back of the jumper, plug in the extension cord and charge it until the LED indicator light turns green.

USB Charging
Charge two devices at once with the 12 volt DC port and the USB.

Air Compressor
The 120 PSI compressor with a brass tipped SureFit nozzle is just great for inflating your car tire, sports equipment, bicycle tires etc.

DC Plug
The optional DC plug also allows you to charge Stanley's jump starters with your vehicle’s DC port. Plug it in and keep it ready to go at a moment’s notice.

LED Light
The ultra bright LED light swivels 270 degrees and provide you light.

- It offers both 12-volt and USB outlets to charge personal electronics 
- High-powered LED light that rotates 270 degrees
- Reverse polarity alarm to alert when there is an improper connection
- Power and charge indicator • 500 instant starting Amps/1000 PEAK battery amps.
- All Metal Powder Coated Clamps
- Built- in 120V AC charger recharges unit with standard household extension cord

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