Would you like to open your own business? Do you work with digital photography,

photocopying, advertising, gifts, jewelry and are looking for a new direction in your activity? If

so, we introduce the world of CUSTOM GIFT. It is to create giftware with a unique added value

because the gifts are personalized with a photograph or an emotional phrase.

Due to the crisis, the interest of consumers for these types of gifts has been increasing since a

very affordable price manages to create items unique and especially emotional.

The customer is active in the creation of the gift because it brings the image (photographic or any

other design) or the message to be printed on the gift. So it is possible to give Grandma a cup or a

panel with the photo of the grandkids, or you can surprise your partner with a canvas or a cushion

that includes a photograph and a tender love message, give Dad a holster for mobile with a nice

photo or print shirts with a funny message for a celebration, farewell, etc. The possibilities are

endless gift.

And the times when you give throughout life are becoming ever more numerous births, birthdays,

anniversaries, celebrations, festivals, Christmas, kings, etc. We even make gifts out of these

special days.

To start you need a computer, but we all have one at home. In the computer you will need to

download the digital image (a photo you've taken with your digital camera or your phone), and

then you can print the photo and transfer by heat.

In these last two phases (printing, heat transfer) we can advise you on what equipment you need

and how you should do it . In Bridler we specialize in customizing, and our online store is aimed

at professional customization and marking. But we also offer advice to those who wish to start in

this world.