1 Decide what products you sell

If you want a style or online department store for the whole family, we recommend that you try to

have equal products. So you do not forget, then we present the "departments", sections or

categories you can have your store, including clothing for the whole family.



Kids / Infants (children)


Now, if you're looking to specialize in a product category, your market is limited but can be quite

positive. Think you can be the online store t-shirts for men most successful online and be a

reference for other sites. The main thing is that you have clearly defined who want to sell and

consider what products you need (we remind you that a good method for this information is to do

a market study).

Fortunately there are many products you can sell, but to get an idea of ​​how to build your store,

say the example of a new shoe business. This shop will only sell shoes, yes for the whole family.

Then you consider that you have several categories, among which you can include:

Women: Shoes, slippers, ballerinas, tennis shoes, sandals, boots, slippers.

Men: Dress shoes, casual shoes, loafers, tennis shoes, sandals, boots, slippers.

Children: shoes, sandals, tennis, boots, slippers.

We recommend that in addition to variety in the types of shoes have variety of brands and styles.

The more purchase options and different prices you have, you'll have more options for different

audiences you could meet.

Another issue is the size. As for the clothes, it is very difficult for the person concerned dares to

buy via e-commerce, since it has no way to prove the product. That's why you have specified the

size of each element, complete with details such as:

Fabrication material

Size and measurements (height, width)


2. Use the method for your inventory drop shipping

If you already have the idea of what you are selling and categories you want to have your store,

it's time to seek high quality products that can be marketed. The clothes have different sizes,

colors, patterns, so the method of drop shipping is one of the most valuable resources you can


Sites like Global-Who sale and seamy dress have many products, with all sizes of each of the

models. That is why it is not necessary to have all sizes and models in your inventory; you need

only buy a model and wear it on your online store.

3. Share great pictures and product sheets

Nope !, you must not forget that the product can not be touched or tasted. If in itself is difficult to

decide on a garment in a physical store, imagine your self in e - commerce. That's why you

should resort to have a spectacular photo gallery of the best quality and complete. Try to always

have five product photographs from different angles, such as: front, side, rear, in use and


Photographs are the first resource used by the buyer to know and if the product is what suits you,

and that includes the different colors available, the presentation packaging and, if possible, a

sketch where are included again measures for the different sizes.

Take this opportunity to create combinations of your clothes, and shows a complete look for the

customer not only interested in a piece, if not a whole. Bandaged the idea that together the pieces

are wonderful and takes this opportunity to have more products in the customer's mind. Besides,

he considers that so you give the person who wants one of your products and idea of ​​how to use


In the product sheets, always uses the basic elements:




Payment methods

Shipping methods

A brief description of the product

Of course, these options vary and always remember that the more information, the customer will

feel more confident to buy your product.