To mount a shoe shop need to have a business vision with good bases in the world of fashion.

Businesses where shoes or any garment must keep a watchful eye on fashion trends that may arise

throughout the year are sold. It is not a simple matter to handle; many artists and designers

dedicate their lives to create and manufacture a product that is cosmetically desired. But we must

be able to stand out from the competition by selling a quality product and somehow attract



One of the first steps to start a business, in this case a shoe store ; It is be clear about the product

you want to sell. An industry shoe (and clothing in general) covers an enormous amount of design

specialties; there may be sports, special garments for medical conditions, to clothing and footwear

exclusive high category. The entrepreneur that seeks to create a shoe store selling categories

should choose shoes chords to customers who want artier .Existed market for orthopedic shoes,

sneakers, sandals and even designer footwear for children; but the type of shoe is the most

profitable exclusively for women, so we 'll focus on that model.


Start a shoe store

Now that the shoe type is determined, the following is to start developing a business plan that

gives a solid local base. You must create the foundations of public store policy, competition

analysis and plan a budget is good for about 3 years. This is also the time to get legal permits

corresponding to the type of sale; ie tax issues, opportunities for commercial and sales permits as

required. When starting a business it is good to get help from experts in the field, so no detail